Case Studies

  • Success-Story-LPA-PATH

    Success Story - LPA-PATH

    9/18/2017 - A restaurant equipment supplier headquartered in the United States. The customer is a producer of kettle fryers, ventless fryers, heated display tables, and waste oil handing equipment.

  • Success-Story_LS-ALB

    Success Story - LS-ALB

    9/8/2017 - A leading manufacturer of transport units and logistic solutions. The expanding family company supplies almost all well-known car manufacturers.

  • Success-Story-LSFE-GST

    Success Story - LSFE-GST 304K-RI20

    8/29/2017 - A subsidiary of a technology group that specializes in the manufacturing of aircraft components.

  • Success-Story_LSOA

    Success-Story - LSOA-ALBS

    8/21/2017 - A renowned automotive manufacturer who wanted to create a standardized trailer with a special chain steering mechanism for all of their global sites.

  • Success-Story_FSB

    Success Story - FSB series

    8/7/2017 - One of the leading manufacturers in the rail & energy technologies, aerospace, and automotive industries.

  • Success Story - LH-P 222K-4PR

    7/31/2017 - A leisure and theme park. In 2015 it was one of the most visited leisure parks with about 5.5 million visitors. With a total area of approximately 10,225,700 square feet,...

  • Success-Story_SPOH

    Success Story - BSD-SPOH 256K

    7/28/2017 - A global plastics group that was originally a rubber factory. Nowadays, its products include dampening and sealing systems, as well as tires for commercial vehicles.

  • Success-Story_LS6

    Success Story - LS6 Bracket

    7/21/2017 - A major retailer of specialized tires. The company’s product range includes everything from moped tires to tubes for bicycles and tires for carriages.

  • Success-Story_LKX-SPOH

    Success Story - Heat and Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Casters

    7/11/2017 - A leading global player in the food industry. The factory primarily serves to further expand production for the Asian market...